Serving the Air-Cooled Volkswagen community since 1967

We’re a one-stop shop for your performance and restoration needs here in the Bay Area. We are a parts store, machine shop, and service shop all-in-one. If a customer wants to have us machine their case and heads, for example, we do it all in house and they can buy all the parts to finish the engine through the parts store. If they have the machine work done, buy all the parts, and don’t feel comfortable building the engine themselves, they can bring the parts back and we’ll build it in the engine room. If that same customer didn’t have the time to dress and install the rebuilt engine themselves, they can bring the whole car down and we’ll do it all. A place that’s set up to do all of that for air-cooled Volkswagen is one of a kind in the Bay Area.

We proudly specialize in early Type-1 based air-cooled cars. 36 horsepower to 1600cc Dual Port. That means Busses up to 1971, Bugs up to 1977, Super Beetles up to 1979, Ghias up to 1974, Type-III to 1974, Thing 1973 and 1974, Sand Rails, Dune Buggies, VW Trikes, Bajas, and anything else with an Early VW engine. This is all we do. This is all the business has done for the last 45 years. We know these cars and we know them well.

Come on down

If you’re in the Bay Area, we encourage you to check out our shop. Most people are under the impression that it’s cheaper to buy stuff online, that any shop can work on these cars, or perhaps the worst one, that you can go online for engine building advice.

Don’t take chances. Don’t waste money. Let our qualified air-cooled experts with years of experience handle your VW. We care about our customers and we don’t want to see them make misguided decisions or ignorant mistakes. Come see us first and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how reasonably priced our parts and services are.